Who Are We?

We are a cloth diaper charity that provides cloth diaper kits to families who self identify as needing financial assistance.  The organization headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario.  One Diaper Canada is staffed entirely by volunteers passionate about cloth diapering (many have cloth diapered their own children) and assist with cloth diaper collection, repair, distribution and cloth diaper education.

What Do We Do?

Our goal is simple: to help foster self-reliance and alleviate financial burden in Canadian families by providing cloth diapers and cloth diapering support resources.

The cost of diapering a single child in disposable diapers in North America totals $3000+ (with an average cost of $100 per month in Canada [1]).  Based on conversations with families and resource centres we believe this number is actually much higher.  For families experiencing financial challenges, this cost is often out of reach and can result in caregivers not changing diapers often enough or reusing dirty disposable diapers.  This serious problem has been labelled ‘diaper need.’

Diaper need is defined by the inability for caregivers to provide clean diapers to an infant or child and has grave implications, including: poor child health (urinary tract infections among other health problems), severe diaper rash and blistering, poor child mood, poor maternal mental health, and a resulting barrier to maternal-child bonding [2].

Cloth diapering is a cost-effective alternative to using disposable diapers and has many benefits beyond the lower cost.  Unfortunately, there is a high up-front cost  because of the need to purchase all the diapers, covers and other supplies (~$400 minimum) right at the outset.  For families already facing budget restraints, this is often not an option.

How Do We Do It?

One Diaper Canada provides gently used cloth diapers to families who indicate that they have the need and desire to use cloth diapers. Our cloth diapering kits include cloth inserts, diaper covers, diaper liners and other cloth diapering necessities.  Families are able to find us and connect with us through our Facebook page, Kijiji, word of mouth, and referrals from location social service providers with which we have partnered.  Families then fill out a confidential Application Form on our website.  Once the application has been reviewed we connect with the families to arrange for their kit to either be picked up or delivered through the mail.  In their kit they receive a basic but complete cloth diapering kit as well as educational resources to support their cloth diapering journey.

We are very committed to ensuring that the families have access to the proper educational resources to have success in cloth diapering. We include an information pamphlet in the box that the family gets with their cloth diapers – this helps to get the family started with cloth diapering that very day – as well as providing extensive information about cloth diapering for future reference. We also make available this and additional resources through our website and provide an email address that beneficiaries can write to at any time and is monitored 7 days a week by experienced cloth diaper educators.

Why We Do What We Do?

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

We are an organization that was founded out of the motivation to share God’s love with families by meeting a very tangible need – diapers!

If you have any questions about who we are or why we do what we do, please connect with us under the Contact section of our website. We would love to chat!

[1] The Diaper Bank of Toronto.  The Bottom Line… http://www.diaperbank.ca/tdb/The_Facts.html; 2014.

[2] Smith et al.  Diaper need and its impact on child health. Pediatrics 2013;132: 253-259.

We are a CRA registered charity!
Charity Registration Number: 806786398RR0001