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Beneficiary Intake Application

Please fill in ALL the information requested below. This information assists us in determining how we can best support you as well as how to put together a cloth diapering package that best suits your needs.  All information that you provide is kept strictly confidential.

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Note that the address that you provide will be the one we use to ship your kit – please ensure that it is COMPLETE (including your apartment number if it applies) and CORRECT.

Beneficiary Intake Application

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Financial Information

In order for us to meet the qualifications required for a charity as set out by CRA, we are required to collect household income information. Again, please know that information provided is kept strictly confidential and is used only for us to ensure we best meet your needs. No information provided will be given to any other organization, including the organization which may have referred you to One Diaper Canada.

Release & Indemnity - Waiver Agreement

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IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of $1 and the provision of a single diaper package by ONE DIAPER CANADA, we the undersigned, release and forever discharge ONE DIAPER CANADA, its officers, directors, employees, agents and volunteers and their heirs, legal representatives and assigns, from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims and demands whatever, which we, our heirs, legal representatives or assigns may have against ONE DIAPER CANADA by reason of the use of any diapers or other products or services provided to the undersigned by ONE DIAPER CANADA whereby any injury or damage may be sustained by our child as a result of an issue of such product or service.

AND FURTHER in consideration of the above sum, we agree to indemnity ONE DIAPER CANADA its officers, directors, employees, agents or volunteers and their heirs, legal representatives and assigns, against all actions, damages, claims and demands which may be brought against any of them by or on behalf of our child by reason of the use of any diapers, other products or services by such child both at present or in the future.

We have read over the above release and agreement to indemnify and understand the terms thereof and the responsibilities which we have assumed thereunder.

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We are a CRA registered charity!
Charity Registration Number: 806786398RR0001

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